Several years back one casino software company came up with the idea to offer players a free play casino bonus. The way it worked allowed the casinos to give a larger amount of money to the users which was totally free to play the real games. When someone seen these big offers of course eyes got big and they were amazed the could get so much for free.

For the casino it worked out well for them as it was done in a way they did not have to pay fees on the promotion to the software company, so they were not losing money as they had on other no deposit bonuses. What users were not aware of is that you are not actually playing in the real live casino, instead you are taken to a free version which was flash based. So how this all works is first you sign up with the casino then log in, click on a button to play the free play bonus where you are given a short amount of time to complete, usually this is an hour. Once you finished if you had wagered enough you when then be allowed to cash in on wins but there is a catch. In order to cash out you have to deposit, this right here eliminates many who never planned on purchasing. Then you are only allowed to withdraw so much and it is not a whole heck of a lot. Players still enjoyed the bonus but once the mobile casinos came into play this bonus did not work. So quite a few casinos did away with this promotion and moved on to giving spins, credits or no free bonus at all on mobile.

Free play casinos still exist today but must be played from a desktop. The bonuses are running between 500 and 2500 in credits to be wagered with, but all are only giving an hour of play. You might consider some of the other offers which I personally feel are better than the free play. You do not have to decide on just one since you can join several until you find the perfect casino fit.